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1. BRPOD is a creative scientific work where questions have been asked and solutions sought.  Wherever possible, these have been shared in good faith, so please use your due diligence  if using them.

2. Understand that everything written here was correct and relevant at the time of writing, however it may not current and always remains the opinion of its author Philip Gruhl unless stated otherwise.

3. There is scant scientific research to substantiate the solutions being offered here. You must use your own professional and personal judgement  as to the relevance of all content.

4. This work is a culmination of over 40 years as a teacher, 35 years involvement with Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Psychology and Optometry within a group practice. Consider it a sharing of resources and knowledge from this period. 

STEVE JOBS SAID   ..."for this reason, innovation very often comes from the “little-guy” or “a nobody”--the person or team working out of their garage with the vision to change their industry and the high aptitude for risk."  

specializing in challenging and difficult literacy and learning cases

POD is the ULTIMATE TUTOR and BRAIN TRAINING package  because it targets multiple essential brain skills and functions.
From Acquired Brain Injuries, Learning Disabilities, Intellectual Impairments, Educational Issues and Dyslexia, it improves your brain first, making everything else easier.
General Learning, Memory, Sequencing Tasks, Literacy, math, dyslexia are all initiated from a very low baseline  making it applicable to people with even the lowest level of academic and cognitive function, regardless of age.
Use this brain training package for accelerated school learning, primary, high school TAFE, adult, ESL, ASD, ADHD, auditory processing, working memory, visual processing, phonological awareness, synthetic phonics.  It is  Evidence based  and BEYOND!
This is a World First comprehensive next generation online program* *Combining: Education theory and practice, Speech Pathology theory and  techniques, occupational therapy, optometry, ophthalmology, psychology, neurological sciences, elite coaching theory, syntonics theory, scotopic sensitivity theory, brain imaging.   All wrapped into 12 session units. No gimmicks. 12 sessions, 1 per consecutive day @ 1 hour each online. Invented, created and made in QUEENSLAND  AUSTRALIA (without any university, corporate or government assistance.) 

Philip Gruhl B.Ed.

Behavioral Reading™

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